Trouble with a room booking app

Hi all. First time poster. Loving Adalo. I’ve been playing with Adalo for a few days and have made a lot of progress, imo. But one of the core features of an app I’m building is the ability to book a meeting room.

I’ve got a Collection for:

  • Rooms
  • Bookings (with a relationship to rooms - one room can have many bookings)
  • Users (with a relationship to bookings - one user can have many bookings)

I’ve planned to allow only 1 hour increment bookings to keep things simple.

I could create an “available” booking for every hour for every room but that means 24 records (or 8 if we just do 9-5) for each day and that adds up fast (8,760 records a year per room). I thought about creating a canonical collection of “times” and then having a booking key off that somehow but that didn’t make sense.

The Calendar component installed from the Marketplace is nice but it only shows events that exist. So with 8,760 available bookings it would work (I could filter out “booked”). But that is the same problem as above.

Also, using the wonderful example by @Victor here I created a user field to capture the search time in the form to be used in a list filter but I can’t seem to access the fields I need in a list of rooms with bookings not between the temporary time set. I’m not sure that would work anyway as I type it out. Hopefully it indicates what I’m trying.

Is there a way to a) filter a list of rooms that don’t have a booking at the same time I’m searching for? and b) can Adalo support a system where you are not picking from a list of existing records?

Hope that all makes sense and look forward to any ideas, feedback, questions.


I guess my question was too confusing… I can see examples of achieving this in Airtable. The tables/collections and relationships I need seem to work there and integrate with the calendar interface. So I’m probably either doing the data model wrong in Adalo or the UI isn’t possible or both. I’ll share some screen shots and see if that helps explain what I’m trying.

make it simple my friend

you seem progressed or advanced
i cant imaging the whole workflow in my head
a video might be good
and you might get what you want

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