Adalo rectangle position in custom app bar


I created custom app bar and everything is working OK expect when I review the app on my iPhone with PWA application. On my computer everything is correctly placed but when I preview on phone the rectangles are messed up. How to fix?

Here is on my computer view and then after them my iPhone view.

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Hey there @roope257

This is similar to the answer I provided in this thread: Visibility rules - Can't get icons to align - #2 by Flawless

Basically, all you have to do is place a rectangle behind the icon and text and group all 3 together. Ensure that the icon is center-aligned with the rectangle. Do this for both sets of icons. (all 4 sets as it looks like you have an “active” set and “inactive” set for each icon).


Thanks for fast reply. I will try that. :slight_smile:

Okay, It still doesn’t work. Did I do everything correctly? Here is images:

First image shows the group of rectangle, icon and text. I made the rectangle transparent. Then the rectangle 33 is the grey one behind and rectangle 32 is white on behind them.

You don’t need the invisible rectangle if you have the grey one in the group instead. Delete the invisible rectangle and group the grey one with the icon+text.

Think about it in layers.

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