Chat and notification of new messages

club, who knows? how to make it so that when users used the chat they received a notification or it was outwardly visible that a new message had arrived in the chat, how did you solve it?

Hey there @TonyS

You can add a “Trigger” notification action after the “Create message” action.

So what I’ve done is added a True/False parameter to the Message collection and named it “Sent”.

In my new User to User Chat Template, this is handled with the “arbitrary javascript” component (to count characters in the message) within the message list.

So I create the message with the “Sent” marked as false. Then, the Arbitrary javascript component within the list sends the notification, creates an internal notification (for a notification screen), and then marks the message’s “Sent” parameter to True.

looks good, thank you, I appreciate this help, now I will try to do it

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