Preview & Test Individual Screen

Hi All,

I’d like to preview and test button functionality and visibility on a specific screen when building my app. Unfortunately, I can’t view screens individually, and I can’t see what the functionality will look like. Do I have to publish the app in testflight, and constantly test on my phone? I also don’t know how to get to screen size to mimick the actual app preview. Any suggestions?

Hi Jeremy @Jeremy64,

Answering your last question: you can user browser’s responsive view features. This thread might be useful for you: Please tell me how to use "Preview" rightly - #6 by ishantanusrivastava

If you would like to view screens individually without clicking all the way through to the screen in question, you can temporarily set this screen as Welcome / Home (if you’re testing with logged-in user). Sometimes this is useful when debugging / adjusting certain part of the app.

However please keep in mind that in a lot of cases screens require data from the previous screens. E.g. if you have a “Products List” screen with a product catalog, and by clicking on a certain product user gets to “View Product” screen, you can’t simply make “View Product” a Home/Welcome screen. This screen won’t display correct data as there is no “Current Product” in this case.

So I’d advise using this approach with care.

Hope this helps.