How do I remove duplicates from my drop down list

In my cooking app I have a dropdown where you can sort be main ingredient. But the list shows main ingredients more than once. If I have 2 recipes where the main ingredient is steak the dropdown will show steak twice


Post some screenshots of the dropdown settings please.

@CJ1 I can assume that dropdown is a list of Recipes, not Ingredients?

If yes, then this is the issue.


Oh, these are not recipes they are ingredients.

Do the ingredients appear more than once in your ingredients collection?

Yes but that is only if 2 individual recipes use the same recipe

Well you can’t make any kind of UNIQUE filter. So I think you should work out if you really need multiple ingredients repeated in the ingredients list.

Looking again at your screenshot, Victor has said, you have Recipes listed, which is the case. So maybe check that before anything else.

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