How do I update the data of a list form on one screen?

Hello everybody!
Tell me, is it possible to implement on one screen updating the list form with query data to an external database. And don’t fill the list with data when you first open it?
…now I have to do this::

Didn’t fully understand your statement, you want to update the search form from the list in advance? Where is this filter data coming from? Could you elaborate a bit better your needs? Thank you.

I would like to populate a list with query data from an external database using the search field value as a filter.
It would be convenient to do this on one screen.
And I do not know how it is possible to update the list on this screen.

It seems you are using airtable, have you checked using filterByFormula and using “FIND” or “SEARCH” formulas, it should filter in the same screen.

Thanks, all worked well!

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