How to clean the text entered in the search bar

Hello, I am new to Adalo, I am writing to you from Peru
Adalo and his community are amazing.

My English is bad, so I translated this text (as well as the forums and Adalo material) in Google Translate, I hope the translation is understandable.

I have a problem that I still don’t know how to fix:
“How to clean the text entered in the search bar”

On the main page, I added a search bar to filter items from a product list.
The user types the product they want to search for.
Then, the user selects one of the filtered articles and goes to other pages to follow the purchase process.
But when you return to the main page, the search bar value continues with the previously entered text and the user must delete the text manually.
I would like that after leaving the main page, the search bar clears itself.

I read the forums, watched the videos, and searched for information on Adalo Resources, but found no information.

I tried a hack
I added a property in Users (the property is called “helper search bar”), so it has an empty space (I typed a space (I clicked the space bar on the keyboard)), and I set the search bar, to to display value of “auxiliary search bar” of logged in user, as “default value”.
But it does not solve the problem.

Thanks for the support.

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What i do is to create a button to clean all the search fields, to avoid delete them manually.


Excellent @joserafa83

I don’t know why I hadn’t seen the “change input value” option before.
That is the action I was looking for, this solves the problem.

Thank you very much for the quick answer.
Collective intelligence, the power of communities.

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