How do you edit the xcode file in the adalo app?

I’m getting a build error when I try to create a build. It’s says I need to edit the targeted device to 9.0 in the xcode. How do I do this?

How familiar you with code, bash, and component development? If the answer is no, submit a support ticket with adalo.

Last night Adalo made an xcode change to fix your problem, but it broke the map component. This afternoon the reverted the fix to your problem in order to solve the map component problrm easily, instead of properly.

All that to say, if you know code and bash then you need to write a component and install script to change the code, you can test the script using this sample here:

If all of this is totally confusing, you need to submit a ticket and wait.

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Hi, dazzlindezigns

I believe this is either an Adalo problem or an issue with the privacy policy. I’d simply open a support ticket.

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