How do you handle cobranding of your application?

My use case is this: I’m talking with a company that wants to cobrand my app and have it live on a subdomain under their root domain. So it would be .

I know I could do this by cloning my app and just having them setup the cname record for that subdomain to make it work that way. The problem with that approach is I’m then essentially forking development at that point having to maintain multiple apps. And if I do that a couple of times then I have a growing number of divergent instances of my app and have to replicate all changes across each to keep them current. Any bugs I squash I have to do so in every instance of the app. And if anything gets out of sync amongst apps then it’s chaos. That sounds like a maintenance nightmare…

I was looking instead into this idea of maintaining a single instance with a collection called brands with a record for each one that has all the necessary color scheme, font and logo information. Then I dynamically set which record based on the visitor’s initial path into the app. So would actually be a redirect to I would look up companydomain in the brands table and swap out all their brand assets for the generic placeholders. This approach would necessitate existence of the friendly URLs feature though which does not yet exist AFAIK.

Has anyone dealt with a similar situation needing to either private label or cobrand an app and if so, how did you approach it? TIA

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