Managing and updating SaaS app

I am thinking about creating SaaS apps. I have few ideas, I’m still checking business opportunities, but I am facing one technical issue. Let’s talk about here.
Let’s say I create a SaaS app for cities. So mayors can pay X€ per month and they can access the app. In order to earn money, it requires to have like 100+ customers. However, as a SaaS app, the solution is bound to be: whitelabel and improved with new features over time.
My question is, how can I handle this part? I can create one blank app, and when I have a new customer, I copy it then apply their logo and colors, but how to do when I want to add a new feature? Can I apply those changes to all apps without having to redo all the customization process?

You can’t apply changes to all apps if you change in one place.

It has to be done manually for each app.

Alternately, you can have common branding but data abstraction by using filters and visibility conditions. That way it stays as 1 app and changes will be applicable to everyone.

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This wouldn’t work. I mean it’ll be like being in a jungle as each customer as his branding.

Thanks for the answer

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