How Encode Adalo using?

Hi, I need some help

I’m trying to pass characters like â á á à to my API, but I get this broken data with “?”

my api works in UTF-8, which encode does adalo use to send the information?

Has anyone else had this problem and managed to solve it?


Hi @dyfreire,

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Did you created this API? If it gives encoded results I think what you can do is decode it with a API or JavaScript inside Adalo. Is it possible to share this API to test it on our end too?

Thank you

Hello, @dilon_perera
In the opposite case, when I send information from adalo to store in the API database, the API receives this decoded data, in this case the api works in UTF-8 but the characters  à Á Á, all of them the api receive as “?”

I already tried using Integromat to convert but I didn’t get positive results.

but answering your questions
yes, the api is mine and we can create a staging area

Hmm… I’m not sure why is that :dotted_line_face: You can Submit a Support Ticket!

How did you tried that? Setting a custom action inside Adalo?

Maybe creating a staging area for us to test will be good and hopefully we can find a solution :smiley: You can send that here or you can send a DM.