How i can create (copy to clipboard button)


i have problem, i need to create copy to clipboard button but i can find any way to create one.

the for example:

anyone here can help?

Hi @ntlinyousef,

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I guess there is no such feature built in Adalo. Probably you’ll need a custom component for that.

Best regards, Victor.

i can’t create component, i don’t know how. may you help me about?

Hi @ntlinyousef,

You need to be a software developer to create a custom component. I can’t help here, sorry. Here are the docs:

There are some component developers on the forum who might help - @Mitch-Pragmaflow @lottemint @Michael

Best regards, Victor.


Hey @ntlinyousef, Victor’s right, that is something we can do.

How do you want to use the copy button? Will it be part of a list, or did you want it to have a text field built in?

(I’m assuming we’re copying a text field, let me know if not)

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Yes, it’s copying a text field.
And I want it read-only.
So that the “client” can only copy it. And he can’t modify it.

i need something like this:

@ntlinyousef I spoke to our dev @TKOTC and he’s going to make one. it might take a couple of weeks since we have a bunch of paid jobs to work on but hopefully sooner.

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