How much actions i need to this kind of app?

i wanna build kind of a podcast’s app, from 1000+ lectures i got on different topics.
the question is, i saw the pricing plans on adalo and the number of action limit.
what does it mean acctually? why should i need 10,000+ actions?
it deppends on how many users i have? more users, more actions?
and if i have 5000 users?
thank you!

Sadly, this can only ever be estimated.

Your users will ultimately determine how many actions.
Simply by browsing through your app, they will accrue you actions.

Each button in your app will trigger 𝒙 no. of actions depending on your app design, features and complexity. So yes, more users = more actions.

There was a list of what actions are chargeable, @dilon_perera knows the link to this no doubt :wink:

Based on 5000 users, if they all logged in once per month, 10,000 actions would allow them to log in, and show them the first screen. Though functionality will not be blocked, you will get a warning that you are close to your limit, with options to buy overage credits.

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:pleading_face: wow…
ok. that means at least pro plan.
thx a lot!

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