When the actions exceed 30,000 as pro plan, what happen?

I want to know about new price plan.

For example, when the actions exceed 30,000 as pro plan, what happen?
It would stop suddenly? Or the plan would be changed automatically?

How can we check the number of current actions?

Hi @simm,

I guess Adalo gives additional actions. : Revised Pricing Plans

Maybe @Adalo_CXTeam can add some information about this too?

You can check the actions details from Settings>Usage & Billing. More Information : App Actions Dashboard - Adalo Resources

Thank you


How can we check the used actions? Is the action tracking not another function that will slowdown the app itself? We still cant see how much db or space is used.

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True, how can we be sure Adalo does not make an error when counting the number of actions if we can’t have an access to the history of actions


Thank you very much for the reply!
It’s very helpful.


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