How QR Code Scanner Work?

Hi @Victor & All,

I’m creating a native app and I want to make a function/action to QR code scan an order ID for order details screen instead of typing the order ID (Which is 10 digits long). I can make the QR code but I can’t make the QR code scanner function. For example my order ID 1234567890, Now I want to view the details information of this order ID, but I couldn’t able to make the action. When I open the QR scanner, the device vibrates once.

Please help me figure it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks and regards.

Hi @fredy,

Did you actually built the app and put it onto the device (e.g. via Testflight on iOS)?
QR code scanner works only with a native apps, not with webapps.


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Yes, I’m trying on android device (Native apps).

Hi @fredy,

Sorry, I can’t help here - I have iOS and can’t test it by myself :frowning: May be someone from the community can give an advice…

Also, some general advices for debugging this:

  • try to create a “simple flow” (not with Trigger notification) - just 2 screens with QR code scanner and a result screen. If this works -> problem is not with QR code scanner
  • if you have any other device to test - this could be useful for diagnostics (is it device/OS specific or not)
  • try to scan different codes - may be this error is code-specific

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks, @Victor for your valuable reply, Now looking forward, maybe someone from the community can give a bit of advice regarding this :joy: :disappointed:

Note: When I set a trigger notification there is showing the QR Scanner Date but when try to create a new record there is no data for save.

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