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I am working on this purchasing ticket app. The app is now in testflight. The problem is the scanner doesn’t work.
Supposedly when the user scanned a generated QR code, the Order ID must be shown in the input field (for the custom filter of the result screen). Instead, it shows “this is a QR code”. Do you think the problem is in the unique ID or in the scanner?

Thank you!

Hmmm. Scanner works okay on an app I have in the store. Three questions:

  1. Is this on Android or iOS
  2. Which QR code generator component are you using?
  3. What did you put as the data to compare to - the encoded data or just the data?
  1. IOS
  2. NocoderHQ QR Code Generator by Knight
  3. Created data as a unique identifier. As the user purchased ticket, the unique id is also created. I followed the video provided by Adalo.

Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it!

Gotcha. Do you have an action setup on the scanner?

Yes. One is the Change Input Value of the result screen. The other is the Link to the next screen (result screen)

I already solved the issue @pford

I removed the Default Value at the Input Field of the Scan Result Screen.
Next, instead of “Logged in user > Tickets” as a filter for list results, I made it “All Tickets”. I forgot that the result of the list is in the device of the scanning user and not the logged-in user (ticket holder).

Anyway, thank you for your reply! That feeling of comfort when there is an expert in this community who is always willing to help. :blush:

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