QR code to update database


Could someone please explain how I can get the QR scanner to update/create/delete a record?

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There is an option “Actions when a QR Code is Scanned” for this component. You can add an action, and get the data from QR Code Scanner (there are 2 available properties, Data and Encoded Data).
Here is the screenshot:

Thank you for replying @Victor :smiley:

The only option I get is to create a new record. What I want to achieve is a scanner for a rental management system, where the items are being added to an order. Do you know if this is possible to do?

Hi @Weflow,

From my point of view that is possible, I don’t see any roadblocks here.

Available actions on the page depend on the data which is available. For example, if you set up a list of some items on a previous screen, add a button to the list, and add an action linking to the scanner screen - you’ll be able to update the selected item with scanner.

From data access perspective scanner doesn’t change anything - it is just yet another method to input data into the collections.

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Dumb question. But I installed the QR Scanner and it does not actually trigger the camera to scan a QR code. What exactly does it do???

Hi @erik.lindquist,

QR Code Scanner works only in native apps, not PWA.

If you tested it in a Native app and it doesn’t work - then probably it’s a good idea to submit a support ticket here https://info.adalo.com/submit-a-support-ticket with a problem description, phone model and OS version.


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