How report a bug?

Hi, i have this error in my console, I don’t know how can report. Exist any mail for send the bug?

Error: Selector failed: {"type":"CURRENT_USER_SELECTOR"}

Hi @Maxiogas. You can submit bugs here:

However, with something like this, we would also need the context of what you were doing when this bug occurred. This error message unfortunately does not tell us the whole story.

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This error happen:

I create three actions that are executed conditionally

1 action: Update the item, add the item to the user and add +1 to the votes. This is executed if the item is not associated with the user yet.

2 action: Update the item, remove the item from the user and subtract -1 from the votes. This is executed if the item is added to the user.

3 action: A link to the registration page, which would be executed if there is no user logged in.

The problem I have is that this last action, I only get it to be executed if one of the two previous actions was previously executed. Even if I choose to have the link to the registration page run “always”, it doesn’t work.

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