How run a custom action after 1 hour?

Hello Makers,

Does anyone know how I can get a custom action to run every 1 hour?

What happens is that I obtain weather data for different cities, so every time a user enters a city from a list I use a custom action to obtain the weather data through an API.

The issue is that this slows down the app, that is, the time it takes between updating the weather and going to the next screen.

So I think that if I could get the custom action to run only when the last city update was 1 hour ago, the application would be faster.

For now what I have is:

A list of cities, when a user clicks on a city I run a custom action to get the weather and save it to a property in the city.

Thanks so much, any help is welcome :smiley:

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Hi Maxiogas,

Are you not able to use an external collection for this with a query parameter for the city?

@Colin i thing is the only solution.

An alternative for this is to use webhooks and an external service such as zapier or integromat.

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Yes now i do this.

Im use integromat webhooks for listen my changes in bubble backend and publish the new data in my Adalo collections with the Adalo API`S.

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