How to actually contact adalo?

In the pricing section it says reach out to a member of the team for enterprise pricing.

Yet the only option is the support ticket, and before you say use it, I hit a realy big hurdle in that I do not have an app, and that is a required field. Daft really.

I am trying to work out if adalo will scale or become a runaway train on cost. I am worried it wont scale and the costs will. While it is cheaper than bubble by a long way, at least with bubble I can contact them easily and they actually reach out to me through their sales team to make sure my questions and concerns are raised. No contact info is a huge concern…

The number of uses seems pretty small and I am worried that an app I want to develop could have 50k-100k active users a month.

Register a trial account and use your app id in the ticket form. Then make your judgement on any response time.

You have made some supportive comments of your other experience.

Personally, of late I am seriously unimpressed with the SLA that Adalo promise. They simply do not achieve it. Acknowledging a ticket does not in my mind satisfy the SLA. This is my recent experience and I have cases where they do not even acknowledge in the stated time. If a bug is raised then 9/10 times there is no commitment or timeline to resolve it.

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