Risky to commit to a platform without "real" support?

New here. We’re testing platforms for rebuilding our mobile apps. On the Pro plan, it looks like Adalo doesn’t provide support, beyond their documentation and this forum.

In this Help forum, out of 350 inquiries last month, almost 100 did not receive a reply. Not sure how many of the others have found actual help.
How has it been working for you? Have you found that you could build serious applications, just with the documentation and maybe-answered forum questions?


There’s a Slack for Adalo. I’d venture to say, the Adalo team is all over the place putting out fires and helping out pretty much at a moments notice. I think the Forum is more for peer-to-peer support (check Bubble’s) however the community is all broken up between Slack and Forum at the moment.

In my experience, Adalo’s support is pretty damn good given how young they are and the type of platform/product they’re building


Thanks, @jca, for the reply. Yes, I’m impressed what Adalo has done so far. From the tone of your message (“all over the place putting out fires”), it sounds like you hinting that we may not want to use them for a production app with volume?

How have you reached out to their team?
The “Help & Documentation” link on their platform links only to the documentation.
Submit tickets in the general Slack channel?

Hey @Lauren the “all over the place putting out fires” comment was meant as: should anything come up, they’re there to solve it. I’m not sure what a production app with volume means as that’s subjective. I would recommend give it a try and see if it’s for you.

All of my communication with the team has been via Slack. I wouldn’t call them “tickets” per se but they are active should a problem come up.

Do they need a ticketing system, specifically for paid customers? Yes.

I’ll let a few others comment as to not skew your decision based on me being your only data point.

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Good to know, @jca. Thanks for the clarification.
I’m on a Pro plan. However, I haven’t any link for a ticketing system, yet. Where do you access it?

If you send a email to support @ adalo (dot) com there is a ticket system and they will answer you :slight_smile:


Maybe there was. But there isn’t now.

Support is non-existent it seems.

For now, if you are doing anything “serious” with paying customers rather than just a a hobby, I would be really really careful.

Massively regretting my decision to use Adalo rather than Bubble. Bubble can be a PITA at times, but at least it works.