How to add a loading page to block delay out?

Hi all,

I design a web page. It has only a list that includes 40 items on the homepage. But, this list retrieves data from external API. Therefore there is about a 5-7 seconds delay. I set the “Load items as User Scrolls,” but it doesn’t work because it has a limit of 20 items, and it means it still has a delay. (5-6 items will be enough for scrolling) I’ve tried some workaround solutions. First, I add fake input and set the default value, and then I directed the home page to the modal page (it appears according to input value), which has a loading card. This loading card has a countdown, and when the countdown finish, set empty input value and link back to the home page, so the loading page disappears. I know it is a bit confused :slight_smile: But It sounds it may work :smiley:
To sum up, this workaround solution did not work all time :frowning: The loading page doesn’t view for every first open to my web page.

this is my web page: as you see the delay. :frowning:

I really appreciate any help you can provide. @Colin, @Ben

I added a feature request about specifying the user scroll item count.