It must not be so slow - Using external collection with query parameter

Hi there,

Here is my scenario which is not functioning as expected and I believe this is due to slow loading of data.

At the home page I’m loading UserID which is a custom field in the Adalo’s own user data type and display it in a text field. This (userID) takes more than a second to load.

On the same screen I also load an external collection from Xano where UserID is passed as the Query.

My problem is that the external collection does not load correctly and I believe this is due to UserID not being passed on time.

My question is,

  • Can we make the loading faster?
  • Better → can I delay the loading of the external collection
  • Much better → Can I have a wait function that listens for userID and then triggers the “load external data in the list component”

Thanks :slight_smile: