How to add a postage & package fee?

Hi folks,

I want to build an app template, that supports ecommerce functions for physical products.

The seller will receive the order, and then dispatch the product to the customer.

But I’m looking for guidance on how to implement a postage & package (P&P) function as part of the payment page.

The Seller is based in London.
Customer A is based in Paris. P&P costs $XX
Customer B is based in New York. P&P costs $YYY

Plus, the P&P is dependant on a number of variables such as weight and shape of the package.

Has anyone already figured this out? Any integrations with a delivery API like UPS?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

If you find an API that is able to provide the results for these variables then you can use Custom Actions to query that API and save (and display) that response (result).

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