Custom Action for Shipping Details through Zapier

Hello ALL!

I’ve used the custom action to send shipping details to zapier, I’ve then made a zap to calculate a rate based on those shipping details and return them to adalo. I have one issue, the data goes where I want it to but it’s not automated. I want the rate to appear on a new page after the user submits their address details. what should i do?

side note:
I made a zap without a custom action and was able to return the data to adalo
The zap (which utilizes a webhook) I made with a custom action returned the same( I used the same input data) but i did not complete the zap to return the rate. I thought there may be a step I was missing.

Dilemma 2: I’m using ShippyPro to retrieve a rate, I wanted to use ShipEngine but the tools are in beta. Here’s my issue, I’m trying to generate a rate based on two addresses a sender address and a recipeint address. Shippy pro only allows me to input a recipient address does anyone know of any other API integration that allows you to input to two shipping addresses? Is there another way to do this through a custom action without using zapier? Thanks in advance!

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