Desktop app and web app on same collection

Hi all,

So I understood you can use same collection in to different apps which is cool.

My question is when I copy the app to a customer how do I keep same collection in both copied apps on the customer’s account?

Appreciate the help

H @Yinon_raviv, if you need to change accounts you can clone the app and create it in the target account. See:

Thank you but unfortunately I couldn’t find an answer there.

I’ll try to clear my question;
I have to apps based on the same data.
I want to be able to clone them to a customer account so that when they are I. The customer account they both use the same data which is now on the customer’s account.

The problem I see is when cloning an app it creates a copy in the new account with the collection but I can’t change the collection to say that it should pull data from the 1st app already cloned

You will need to create a new app that shares the database of the other one.