Marketplace Update?

Hello, how fast are new components tested and added to the marketplace? Iam and many others waiting for the JAM component, created by Michael Ionita. How to add Audio Chatrooms into your Adalo app - Like 👋🏻 Clubhouse using JAM - Tutorial - YouTube

hello? When intel regarding this?

I wouldn’t expect an answer here… I would ask Michael for an update directly.

I spoke with him. He sended code weeks ago to Adalo and never heard back from them. Thats why Iam asking here. No idea how long new components are tested…

Hi Andre,

The Jam Audio Component is under review by Adalo right now. :slight_smile:

awesome! how long does the review process usually takes?

The Adalo Forum is for community/forum support, the Adalo team doesn’t actively monitor or triage posts here so it’s unlikely they would even see it / respond (even if Colin or other CX team members saw it, they wouldn’t be the correct ppl to answer).

Best to go through Michael as he has the correct Adalo contacts and channel.

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