Like Clubhouse App


I’d like to ask , how I can build an app like Clubhouse App ( Audio Chat platform ) using Adalo?

Is this possible, please advise!

May I have more info?

@B0untiful_26 sure ,

This video explain Clubhouse App , mainly it’s an audio live chating with groups .

There are bad and good news within it, Good news you can make follow and un-follow and social media stuff, bad news voice chat isn’t possible with adalo!

There are external API you can add it MAY help.

Ya I saw this article, let me check it again maybe those apis will help.

Thanks @B0untiful_26

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Hi Abdullah,

This is actually possible right now! @michael.ionita is making a component for this that will be available with thin this week and next. :slight_smile:

In the meantime here is a alternative workaround.

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