How to add my app to users mobile screen in easy way?


I tried to find this info myself but no luck. And this is very important issue for me.

So please, tell me this. I made an android app with free plan.

How do I share it with my users as an app? I mean not just as a link which opens in their mobile browser?

I know that if I go to options in my Chrome there is an “add to home screen” option.

But this is way too confusing to most of my users. They just wouldn’t do it.

I worked with Glide previously and there is notification pops up with a link to download an app. Which is very handy.

Is there a way to make it easier for users to add app to their mobile screen in Adalo?

Please, I will very much appreciate any piece of advice!

What @alexbarciog said.

Wait. It is a bit fast to say that I don’t want to use “share button”. Maybe I do.

But how will it help users to download an app or save it to home screen? I use sharing to FB, but it just opens a link in a browser. Is there more to it?

I’m new to the whole thing and don’t understand much about android build.

But I know that when I build pwa with Glide there is a pop up screen for my users to download an app to their homescreen.

The question is, is there a way to make that kind of screen myself in Adalo? To generate somehow that kind of link which saves app to home screen?

I will very much appreciate any help)

And thank you for your warm welcome)

Thank you so much for your help.

But that file and android build can’t be the only solution. And by far not the easiest. And they are absolutely not possible to implement on free plan. And this is the main thing. Of course on paid plan things are different.

Other no-code platforms provide users with option to download pwa to mobile screen on free plan. So there might be a solution. And an easy one.

The thing is I can pay to upgrade plan for myself, no problem. But what if I make apps for my clients and they want to stay on free plan? They and their clients in turn would have to experience an app in the browser rather than as an app. And this is a huge drawback here. The user experience is broken from the very start.

I very much hope to find a solution here. Any advice which is possible to implement on free plan would help.

Thank you so much for your help but this is not an answer to my question.

I’m very thankful for your input, but please, stop misinterpreting my question.

Don’t confuse people.

And, please, stop telling what I want, you get it very wrong.

I already know what you suggest. Thank you.

I will repeat my question again for those, who might have any helpful hints.

I do want to add PWA version to homescreen.

I need to make some kind of pop up with a link for my users so that they can add app thingy to their mobile screen. So that they can click on it and get an experience of using an app, not something in their browser.

i have no idea how to generate that kind of link.

I know that there is a way to go to chrome and click on “add to screen”, but it is too difficult for most users and they won’t do it.

And I need to give them an easier way, which is more user friendly.

I think it would be a feature request.

Found these two.

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