How to add share on social media button

Hi there, can someone help me with creating share button, so users can share content/page on social media?

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Hi Elio,

We don’t have great support for this yet. There is a share type of action you can add to a component in Adalo, but it’s fairly limited in the amount of content it can share. We’re hoping to improve this in the coming months.

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hi, is there any function like this in adalo


You can find that here:

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Hi Ben

Is there an item currently in planning for this?

Many thanks!

Please check my reply above @MM792

Hi, but there is no action after that, set on action > Share do nothing :slight_smile:


I need this feature as well. I see the share action, I’m just not sure what to do with it…any help would be very much appreciated.
(my use case is I want my users to be able to share either content or invite others to download the app in its entirety)

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You must have available data to make use of it as otherwise there is nothing to share.

What this means is;

  1. You Should have the button inside of a list so that “current” data is available.


  1. There is “available data” on the screen with the button that you are using to create the share action with.

That makes sense, but I’d like to have an ‘invite’ button my users can tap to share the app.
The ideal user flow would be:
User taps share button -> (on ios) share window slides up with all installed apps which could be used to share (i.e. WhatsApp, Email, Text, Slack etc). This would send the new user a unique share link for them to download the app.
We’ll be offering a referral bonus, so need to attribute any invited users to the invitee…not sure if this is going to be possible…but a great way of encouraging viral organic growth… :slight_smile:

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Then all you would need here is to make a collection for “App Share”. In there, you would need only one record with 1 property, “link”. This link is a text property and the record would be the URL to the app.

Make that button a list of that collection and the action would be to “Share” -> “Crruent App Share -> link”


Hi Colin,

I placed a button with the share action in a list and here is what I get:

Hi @Dmytro,

This works only in native apps.

You might try to open the app on your phone via Publish -> Progressive Web App -> Open, then scan the QR code. The app will open in mobile browser, and sharing function will kind of work (although it shows the error message). Tested on iOS 13.

Best regards,

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Got it.

Not my case, but thanks anyway!

Best regards,


That’s interesting. I just had a chance to test it on Android mobile browser, works as well (with the same error message).

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks for this Colin.

My app will give charities a platform to engage with their donor base with the initiatives and projects they undertake and so having the ability to share an individual project would be so useful; is linking to a subset of data possible?

Yes that should be completely possible too.

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Great stuff!
I’ll give this a go over the next couple of days then and see how it turns out…

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I tried doing this, but could not do. This is how I tried.

  1. Added a collection name Share App.
  2. Added a text Property and named it URL.
  3. Added URL to the Record.
  4. Added a button to the screen
  5. Link action to Create Share App

But nothing happens except that it create new records to the Share App collection.

How can I share my app to other apps through a link when a user click on a link? Thanks.

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Is this Button part of a List of the shareApp-Collection @neitham ?