Share Post on Social Media with Zapier

Hello everyone, does anybody please know how to create an option (button) to share something (post/photo…) on social media, such as Instagram or Facebook? I tried to do it via Zapier but it seems like you do not get the option to do it, as it rather does so without asking you for the permission. Thanks.

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Does the Share Action work?

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I think I manage to resolve it. Thank you for your response :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Tommen, if you have time and it doesn’t compromise your data, it would be great if you could post your procedure to share properties (data) from an Adalo Collection. Were you able to use Zapier to share via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook? Email? SMS?

I think the workaround involves creating a new property in our collection which serves as a catch-all for all other properties we’d like to share. A Create Form or Update Form will lump all the properties together into the catch all property. A Zap will look for the New Record in Adalo (ie New Catch-all Property) and then perform the Share task using the New Record. Is this correct? There should be Zaps for Compose/Send Tweet, Compose/Send FB or Instagram Post, etc.

@pfordmedia if you’d like to chime in…

I’ve setup something similar in Airtable. Using one field that concatenates (using ‘&’) all the other ones into one user-friendly string that is shared with the share action.

Yeah I would just use a URL scheme for this honestly. Because I hate paying for Zaps and I’m lazy. :crazy_face:

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how can i use url to share it to media?

For Facebook:

For Twitter (old, but still works?):!topic/twitter-development-talk/krlYt68AKZM

For Instagram (I haven’t tested this one):
(update: Instagram URL Scheme does work)


thank you so much… I’ve been thinking these past few days

is it possible for the android users?

Yes URL schemes are universal with the exception of ones for device specific apps like iOS Maps v. Google Maps, etc.

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how to share my content that I’ve created to the Url scheme?

If you wanted to share to Twitter for instance, you would put a button with a link to twitter://post?message={Tweet%20content} where Tweet content would be Magic Text from Adalo.


Just to confirm @pfordmedia, we can share content from Adalo but cannot generate functioning links to that same content into our Adalo apps? I’m assuming because all of our apps feature random dynamically generated URLs?

Using the Twitter example, we could Tweet our magic content, but not Tweet an Adalo (or custom domain) link to that same magic content?

So you’re saying send a Tweet and have it appear in Adalo? If so, that might be possible depending on the service - for Twitter, you can pull public tweet data and display it in Adalo although you would need Zapier to put the link in the Adalo database.

If you’re saying able to compose a tweet containing a link to a specific Adalo page, that’s definitely more difficult because not only are the pages random alphanumerics, but also because someone would have to download and login to the app to see it.

Yeah @pfordmedia I’m trying to do the latter. Automate with Zapier a Tweet containing a link to a specific Adalo page based on a New Record in a Collection. I’m doing it on the web, not iOS or Android, and not requiring login to view the content. Still, the Adalo links are all random and I guess they change for each site visitor?

Wonder if @Jeremy or @Ben could confirm this? If the same web app content is served up to different users (without requiring login), will they have different Adalo links?

I think what you’re looking for is called Deep Linking and it’s not currently possible, but is in the works: Specific URL with QR for PWA however you might be able to use filters as a work around.

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@AJAY can you expand a bit more on the structure of the generated URL? What’s the format for posting a picture with a bit of text on a facebook feed for example?