Sharing a link in Adalo App

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to share a link in an app made with Adalo?

Some more context:

I want my users to be able and create a payment link in their banking application and then share that link in Adalo. On my iPhone for example I can click on the “share link” button in the application and then a lot of apps show up (instagram, whatsapp, e-mail, etc. etc.).

Is it possible to get my Adalo listed in there as well? And how do you proceed from there if you wanted to have the user select on what object the link should be shared?

Let’s say my users for example have several tasks or objects-for-sale open in their adalo app. They then go outside of the adalo app to create the payment link, click on share to my adalo app and should then be able to select an open task or object for sale.

This: App Extension Programming Guide: Share


Hi @Bassius,

There is a “Share” action in Adalo apps, but I don’t think it is possible to share something to Adalo app at the moment.
Here is the feature request, you can upvote it: Share TO Adalo from other device apps | Voters | Adalo


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