How to add text in a list component without impact height?


I am creating a meditation app, I want to display a list of the following component:

I want to add a text in this component and the text can be 1 or 2 lines. The thing is it will impact the height of the component.

Do you know how I could put the text on the component without impacting the height of it please?

(I tried to add a group made of a rectangle and the text, but it didn’t work)

Thanks a lot!

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Try lowering down your list a bit please

Sorry I did not understand ? :slight_smile:

Oh sorry for that, so the solution might be very simple, drag the list a little bit to the bottom, this might solve the issue

Like this you mean?

If yes there is still the issue :slight_smile:

No not like that. Just click on the list at the top and drag it a little bit to the bottom

Like this?

(if yes it did not change)

vs it was like this before

I’ve been watching this video again #TwoMinuteTuesday | Custom Lists - YouTube, and I think this is an Adalo limit: when you create a list, you cannot fix the height of your component list, depending on the “Classname” (if we refer to the example) height it will impact the height of the component. Correct me if I am wrong?