How to make user have Verified panner

I want help on making certain users having verified tags, if you can help me that would be great

What do you mean by verified tags? Bit more context of what you need would be good.

Like certain amount of users gets a tag which is verified like in twiter and insta

Sorry, I still don’t understand what you mean. Do you have screenshots of what you mean?


I would add a boolean to the user table called Verified? Default is no. Then use a screen where users can get verified. Next to the user image add an icon that only shows if current user verified is yes

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Ok, now I understand,

You add a true/false field in your user collection and then add an icon (verified badge) anywhere you want and set the visibility to only show if the true/false field is set to true

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Welcome to the community! I would suggest to go through the tutorials first. They are very useful and helpful. You will be able to get going quickly :slight_smile:

already did, just need to learn more,that why I asked about verified also why when I do a website and try to see it on phone screen its un organized?

It’s better to make it for phones first and then focus on website. Adalo stated that they will bring out new features soon to make website designs better

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