Only allow confirmed users

So I added a boolean flag to users table called confirmed. The intent is to manually flip the flag to true after confirming (manually) that signed up user is a valid Alumni (the app is intended for a very closed set users, Alumni of a school). And they can only see the list of other users/Alumni if they are confirmed. Is it possible to do this?

Yes, you can set the list of other users/alumni to be only visible if Logged In User > Confirmed… Is True.

This will work as Ben has indicated - I am using a similar set of flag (two in fact) one to show that a record is active and another to say the record has been deleted (when it will never in fact ever be deleted).

I use these two flags to filter displays for active records, closed records (as in not active) and also deleted records.

And where will this logic “if Logged In User > Confirmed”, need to be added?

So I tried adding custom action to the simple list component on the screen and specified Logged In User > confirmed is True, but list is shown irrespective of the confirmed flag value. I must be doing something wrong.

I figured it out. I had to add logic to visibility of the component.