How to bring Many-to-Many relationship data to a custom action

Has someone found a way to send many-to-many strings to a custom action?

Long story short:
People can order their juice, then they can choose add-ons. But I cannot send the selected add-ons list to Square in a custom action because the many-to-many relationship “add-on <–> orders” doesn’t get the add-on’s Name.

I’ve tried creating one-to-many relationship with a new collection called “order add-ons” but the problem there is that if a user deselects an add-on, then I cannot find which add on to delete from the order.

If there’s a clever alternative way to solve this that would also work :slight_smile:

thank you

Hi @Victor or @charleshope in your experience, have you found a way to circumvent the limitation of many to many relationships?

Hi @axme,

I’m not sure what exact problem do you have.

If you try to send a list of some entries in one custom action - then it’s not possible to do (irrespective of relationships of this list) - this is Adalo limitation. You will need to use something like Integromat to get the items from the list and then process them how you would like to.