Custom Actions On Button Not Always Sending Data To Integromat

I have been having an issue where buy it seems like there is some sort of limit to the number of fields that can be sent to integromat through a custom action. As seen in my example below.

This is my API request, when I run the test with integromat all the example values come in successfully.

This is the only action taken on the button.

I really need guidance and clarification on this issue as i have been stuck trouble shooting it for days now to no avail.

Hi @majid,

Could you please clarify - does your custom action sometimes work, and sometimes not? Or it doesn’t work at all?

I had issues when custom actions didn’t work sometimes because some data which was passed to it was not interpreted correctly by Adalo. This was caused by different reasons. The way to debug it was to create additional “Debug log” collection and store all fields’ values there (and add an action to add a Debug Log record each time the Custom Action is called).
With this you can discover which data part “corrupts” the call.

Best regards, Victor.

By the way: I’ve added a feature request for the Custom Actions to return response codes, see here; Custom Action Response Codes | Voters | Adalo - please feel free to upvote.

Hi @Victor ,

Yes, the button containing the custom action works sometimes, usually when i don’t populate all the fields. As soon as it works i add more fields to the action and test again and then the button stops sending the the custom actions.

A very strange scenario indeed. I will try to debug the way you suggested and see if its data read issue.



Hi @majid,

Just wondering - have you been able to find what caused the problem?
I was thinking about the limit for GET request, but this shouldn’t be the case…

Best regards, Victor.

Yes I did, It was one field that kept causing the error and not allowing the custom action to run on button click. I have just removed the field for now as its not essential but i still have no clue why its the case.

Well, most probably this was caused by this field’s content, which didn’t allow the custom action to proceed.

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