How to bulk clear properties in User collection?

Hi all,

I have 50+ inputs in a multi-screen survey of my users. Most are drop-downs with a few choices. I’d like my users to have a chance to edit their responses once they finish the survey. Problem is, if I allow edits on my User Profile screen, users would be able to enter random responses to the previously structured drop-down answers.

As a work-around, I created a “Delete and Start Over” button at survey completion, but I can’t figure out how to empty out each property/question. I could just delete the user, but I don’t want to do that. I just want every input to be reset to empty, and allow the user to start the survey again, while logged in.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


On my Click Action, when I choose Update User, the Magic Text doesn’t give me any options to clear, remove, or empty each property. Is there something else I could choose to accomplish this goal?

I got it- my solution was to add a ton of “Change Input Value- Empty” actions on button press (Start Over), not elegant, but I think it’s going to work!

Having a conversation with myself here, sorry everyone. @Ben I am not able to Change Input Value to Empty for the dropdown input properties in my survey, only the text inputs. Any workaround?

How is your database structured? Do you have a separate collection for Survey Responses?

No I don’t @ben. All survey responses are properties of the user. When they go through the form inputs, the final screen submit button collects all the previous form inputs and signs up the user. Deleting the user account is possible, but I’d rather have a method for users to edit their responses without having to sign up again. On edit profile, I can’t figure out how allow users to edit only to the previous drop down options. Because it’s a text input, users could edit to anything.

Can you use an edit form for this?