How to clear various inputs?


I cannot figure out how to clear out various inputs such as Dropdowns or Image Pickers.

This is a critical issue.

For example: Staff member uses an in-app form to create a booking which has various input boxes, dropdown inputs, and image pickers.

I can use “Actions” to “Clear Input Value” but this only works on straight, normal Input boxes. It does not allow me to clear the value of a Dropdown, or Image Picker.

The problem is that when the user goes back to that page, any dropdowns that were previously chosen, as well as any image pickers which had an image uploaded to them still have this information when the user returns to the pages.

I have another form where a staff member must upload photos of certain things, but only if those things happen during the course of their work, so if they don’t happen, there should not be a photo uploaded.

Any previously uploaded image, or dropdown selected from the last visit to that screen is still present when they return to it later. It is CRITICAL they are able to clear those image pickers, but right now I cannot figure out how to do this anywhere. The dropdowns aren’t as critical as they can just choose another option, but the image picker doesn’t allow to NOT pick an image, or clear the image that is already in there.

I confirmed this is happening in the web view (via the share link), not just in the editor’s “Preview” mode. I confirmed this doesn’t matter if use a “new” entry to a separate collection. For example, if I make it so the user has to click an “upload images” button which creates a new entry in a separate “images” collection with blank values for images, then on the new page have various image picker elements. Those pickers still have the last image inside of them seemingly no matter what. It’s tied to the image picker element itself.

This is a MUST. How do I do it?

Personal suggestion to have more answers: try to be shorter in the explaination of the issue, or attach videos and images.
Again, personally, I’m not incentivized to read such a long post.



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Just trying to explain the issue as clearly as possible.

After more experimentation doesn’t seem like anything anyone can help me with anyway. Seems like a bug so I submitted it to Adalo.

This shouldn’t happen in production. It can happen in the share and previewer as Adalo retains some app information for testing purposes.

Ship your app to the app store and that’ll solve it.

Hi @naossoan,

Unfortunately, it’s the way how it works now - images & dropdown values are cached in the browser, and not a lot of things could be done with this…
For a native app, it will probably disappear, as @Erik stated. You can even test it via Testflight (Apple); there is also a way to build an Android app for test.

To avoid this, as a workaround, I used a bit different data flow approach: first I created the new record (on the previous screen), and then I updated this record on the actual screen.
This may help, but such approach creates other challenges: probability of having “orphaned” records when user leaves the screen is higher.

Best regards, Victor.

ok as long as it doesn’t do that in the actual app then it should be OK

I haven’t got to the publishing stage yet, but very soon.

Thank you for the info and I look forward to testing it on the actual device soon.

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