How can I make sure users have different input text boxes? Specifically for search functions

I understand I can have buttons clear the inputs but when I switch from test user 1 to test user 2, the inputs show what a test user 1 typed and did not clear… despite being logged in as test user 2.

I’m attempting to create a “lookup users by email” and everything else is working but this part where I need the input to be dynamic or cleared on a timer or something.

Right now, when a user search’s something, the search doesn’t clear for the next user.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Leaf,

You may try to have an on-screen-enter action(s) to change input value(s) to empty:

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks! Do I need to do this with every button that lets me enter this screen? Could you please go through the steps step by step on what I would have to do for this screen? I’ve been really really stuck on this one sorry.

Hi @Leaf,

You don’t have to attach this action to a button.
You have a on-screen-enter actions: click on the screen name, and then on the left pane select “actions”.

Best regards, Victor.

Wow thanks that worked! Thanks so much

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