How to change data status

Heyo Adalo Fam,

Is there a way to change database when there is a end date in database?

For example I would like the status to change from false to true once an event reaches a end date that was previous set when event was created. Hope this make sense and I appreciate ant guidance on this…


I don’t think this is possible within Adalo, but you can achieve this by using automation tools like Zapier or Integromat.

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Thank you I will look into creating a Zap.

I actually found a work around to hide the entry button for my app. Question I have one filter on it and I am looking to add another to hide button once date reaches end…Is this possible?

I thought you wanted to update the database from True to False.

If you’d like to enable/disable a button based on a certain date, your visibility rules approach works. Why do you need multiple filters here?

Maybe you should just use: Today’s date <= End date (show), or else don’t show.

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Yes originally I wanted to change database but you said Adalo doesn’t currently have feature available and I would have to do a zap, but I wanted to try this way for now to get app going…Thanks man!!!

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