Display images within timeframe

Hey guys!

I need some expert Adalo fundi help!

I want to display images within a cartain time frame. How can i get that done? Start date, end Date and images are in a collection. I set a start day and end day for immage. How should i set the filters to display only the date given from start to finish?

In short, image 1 should be visible from 10 Aug 2021 untill 20 Aug 2021 then it must not be visible after end date.

Thanks for your time guys!!

Hi @Franna ,

How is your database layout ?

What have you done to achieve this ?

Do you need to check time for this ?

I’d suggest the following:

  • Decide a general rule that applies to all images (ex: when an image is uploaded, it’ll be active for 10 days)
  • creating additional True/False field.
  • when an image is uploaded, make it True by default
  • use automation Zapier or Integromat to perform a recurring action everyday to check if the expiry date is equal to today
  • if the above rule matches, update the record to false

In the front end in Adalo’s images list, set a rule to show images only when it’s True.

Hi @Franna
it’s very simple, all you need to do on your list is this, (it also works for visibility condition)
hope it’ll help

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