How to change password

Hi everyone !
I am developing a mobile app that I want to have User Preferences .
Under User Preferences, I want a user to be able to change their current password to new a password that they can be using to log in.

Below is the screenshot of feature I am trying to implement

Thank you,

Okay, and what is the issue you are facing?

Hi @charleshope thanks for the rreply.
I basically just need an assistance on how should I implement it.

Below is the screenshot of what I have in my database so far.

Hey there @Jintery

You don’t need to do anything additional to the database.

Add 2 inputs and a button. Rename the inputs “New Password Input” and “Confirm Password input”.

Group the Confirm Password input and the button together and set the visibility to display only when the New Password input is not empty:

Then, set the visibility of the button to display only when the New Password input is equal to the Confirm password input.

Add an update logged-in user action to the button that sets the user’s password to the Confirm Password input’s value:

Last, add a link back after the update action.


Thank you so much @Flawless .

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