How to change picture when toogle is clicked/unclicked

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Currently building a mental health app where people can mark what areas they want to focus on within focus area (sleep, nutrition, movement++) and within challenge area (anxiety, low energy, depression++), and then when they mark their areas, they will get specific tips tailored to what they marked. We can’t figure out how to mark/unmark and make it visible like the example photo given here. When the area is marked and toogle is activated, we want to have a purple ring around the marked area. Anyone know how to do that? Any help really appreciated.

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Hi @adjen :wave: :wave:

Create a true/false property and select the toggle and choose that property and then select that image and set the visibility only visible if that true/false property is true. And set the other image visibility to only visible if that true/false property is false. And check. I think this will help you @adjen :blush: :blush:.

And If I’m wrong someone correct me. :grin:

Thank you :blush: :blush:

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