How to Concatenate selected items in Adalo toggles

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to do this everytime I select item on the checklist Screenshot by Lightshot it will save to the collection like this Screenshot by Lightshot. But what happens the last thing I’ve checked is only saving Screenshot by Lightshot. I’m using this for muli filtering

you need to append the color to the current PathColor.

Use the additional action and “Current PathColor - New PathColor” (note ‘-’ is not a subtraction symbol, just breaks the colors out).

So it would be like:

  • green
  • green - red
  • green - red - blue

as they continue to add colors. Just note they can’t delete… It would be better to use the relationship to manage that.

How Can I achieve this ?

Use the additional actions on your toggle:

How can I have this “New” thing?

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