How to connect different websites from a list

Hello, I am seeking to connect various websites from a list featuring different categories. Example:
When I click on a list it redirects me to the page I have listed in the database. However, I am having difficulty connecting specific websites to that particular page as we have many. I have tried using the hyperlink (which is connected to a collection within the database using the magic tool and code I retrieved from another tutorial) but the link redirects me to no where when I click on it. Can anyone help?

Hello, how are you, could you show how you save it in the database? From what I understand, according to what you wrote, when you click on a button on a list, you will be sent to the url of that list.

Do you have a list of brands?
Nike >
Adalo >

then the user to press nike goes to the url of nike and he presses adalo to the url of adalo?

Database pic
Hello and thank you for your response. I have three screenshots displaying my disconnect. I used a template that was already made and plugged in the information needed to describe the services we provide. I can link the button to one particular website, ( where it lists visit our website) but it does not link a specific website with the service provided and we have several. How am I able to accomplish this? Also, it should display service and the service name