How to create a group chat

I need someone to help me,
I want to create an app in which people will find directly a group chat (without needing to be invited or to create the group) so they can chat together and an invisible user like an administrator who will send daily images, thoughts to animate the group.
Thanks for your help guys.

You can buy a udemy course from @pfordmedia he will teach you how to make Instagram clone in a way easy and more learning way, plus its cheap, and he has in it a “Group chat”

Hi @Chella ,

It looks like a forum, new user can only join thread, more advanced user can create thread.

that thread is what you call group chat.

if that is the case,
you simply create thread collection with property such as title, creator (relational to users)

comment collection with property such as comment, creator (relational to users), for thread (relational to thread collection)

show thread collection list first in a screen, then when user tap that list, link to new screen that has list of comments with filter current thread > comments, something like that.

then you can begin putting other necessary things.

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