Need Help with Group Chat


I am creating an app for a youth group with leaders and students. Our large group is split into many smaller groups. What is the best way to allow those smaller groups to have a chat just amongst themselves without including everyone in the group?

There is a tutorial on setting up a chat function here:

One step further that you may need to take here is giving the user the option to “Join Chat” which would then add that user to the “conversation”.

Can you please give more details on “One step further”. thank you

You need to create a button that the user can click to join a group chat. This button should have an “Update” action. This update action should “Add” > “Logged in User” > to “Current conversation”.

In order to get “Current conversation” you will need to make this button a list of conversations and then use filters to narrow it down to the one you want. Alternatively, just display the entire list of conversations with a join button for each.

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