How to create a pdf from several databases?

Hi everyone!

After searching endlessly for a solution, I find myself at a dead end …

Basically I created an app allowing freelancers to generate quotes and invoices. I want them to be able to download the quote or the invoice in pdf format once they have entered all the necessary information (tasks, prices, etc.).

As a consequence, it would be necessary that the information of the user, his customer, and the information he just entered, are found in the pdf.

What I did was to start by creating a template on Google Docs.
In this model, I need to retrieve information from the “Users” database, information from the “Customers” database, etc.

Whether with Zapier or Integromat, it doesn’t matter, as long as it works.

If any of you could help me, I’d be forever grateful !!

Thank you all in advance for your help.

PS: Other than that, everything works fine …
you can check it: (in french, sorry)

Hi @Ced,

You can do this with Integromat, though building the full solution will require some efforts. Most probably you will need to make several queries to Adalo Tables from Integromat, iterate them and create the strings/arrays from them, and then send them to some service like Eledo to generate PDF.
One of the small parts is covered here, this video could be useful:

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks a lot @Victor

I will watch the video carefully and try to find the right method.

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