How to create a test user for Android Publishing

Hi, I’m ready to do my first build for Android publishing and I want to add a user so that Google can access and test the app. What is the best way to do this?

I can create a user in the database but do I need to mark it paid? or will they want to test the payment process? I’m integrating IAPHub, if that makes a difference.


Hello, you can create a demo account and mark it as paid, they usually just check if your payment method is accepted according to Apple’s policies.

Thank you!

Thanks so much! Do you know if I need to do that before I request a build in Adalo or can I add that after?

You’re welcome! You can do it before or after publishing the build, no problem.

Thank you!

Thanks so much, you are the best.

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You’re welcome, I appreciate your kind words.

Thank you!

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